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General Eric Lind

By Kiregon
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  • Race Tok'ra
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A tall man. 1,95 meters. Buildt strong and you can se that losing a legg hasent stoped him from his dayli trainging rutin. He is in his late 50's but has steel some of his dark hair showing thrue the grey stripes. He gives the saying "if look cud kill" a new mining.

General Eric Lind was one of the first to enter the Northern Gate. As one of the best scientist at the Phinex and over 10 years of study with 1-2 jumps a week he knows a lot about what to you can aspect when entering a new place thrue the gate. After a mission where he lost his right legg and he now acts a leder for grupes going thrue the gate. He has handpicked this group and hopes to se it build to aspects he can use.

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