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Just coming of age and recieving his symbiont during the early days of the Jaffa Rebellion, Jaalnar's parents were killed when Apophis killed Heru'ur and absorbed his holdings his uncle adopted him and brought him too a Free Jaffa encampment. From there he didn't master the Staff, Death Gliding, or Poetry. He found his calling in debate and outreach becoming a true Statesman among a Warrior People, his first achievement was mending the relationships between the Jaffa and 3 human worlds that were under System Lords who used their Jaffa to brutalize them for millenia. These wildly successful negotiations led to Phoenix Command recruiting Jaalnar and several colleagues to accompany teams on Diplomatic missions. Jaalnar has learned 9 languages including the Four Races, Wraith, Ori, English, Unas, and Russian most through the SGC's Jackson Institute initiative.  

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