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Claudia Boswell

By ShalKekNemRon
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"Thirty-six including the extinct ones... and not including variants or dialects. And no. Language is important. History is important. I mean... Why am I not allowed to want to know about our past, Mom? Yeah... No... I... I'll call you next week."

Claudia's nearly there. She should have the title of "Doctor" at the end of the school year. History, officially, but she specializes in languages and archeology. Great at translating things dug up from tombs and buried villages and... Well. It doesn't matter too much to her mother. It's silly. No practical purpose. So. Claudia's not too happy with things. Lots of things. Not many friends, not a good connection to her family, and probably not much of an income after college. There's been one offer... but it's from the military. She won't tell anyone a word about it. Why would she, though? Claudia's almost at the end. The event horizon. She's not sure what the end is, but she knows once she's there she won't be able to go back. She's much better at figuring out the past.

Claudia reached the end. Claudia became Doctor Boswell as she walked across that stage. It was the end of what once was. Her parents were there. They were no fun. They were not pleasant. She worked all that time for her degree. They gave her nothing but strife. She called the number. She'd been recommended by an archeologist who had very much... vanished. He was still alive, but no more papers after that lecture. Claudia did the same. She doesn't seem to be using her degree as she lives in Colorado. Someone said Colorado Springs? No one knows what she is doing. Claudia has passed the end. The end was nothing. It was a point on her timeline. There are things beyond the end.


  • Formerly of SG-13. Served as science specialist... but was much more focused on cultural aspects.


  • Claudia's typical kit included an FN P90 with a variable visible/IR laser and flashlight mounted ("I am not going out there with just a pistol and a Zat."), a Zat'nik'tel, a few notebooks and writing tools, a very nice camera, and the usual equipment an SG team member carries into the field. Oh. And usually something sweet. Locals love sweets.


  • Previously appointed to help in the training of the PRC's SG team. As she was not a member of the military, this is mostly translating for an airman.

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