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Lieutenant David McIntyre

By Arkanis
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Lieutenant David McIntyre served with USAF special operations Para-Rescue for two tours before being folded into the Black community. After a single duty station with Task Force 141, he was offered a position on a experimental unit testing the capabilities of an unknown aircraft. This craft was the prototype X-302, which allowed him to be briefed on the Stargate Program. He formally requested transfer to an active SG unit, and was allowed a trial deployment with SG-17. His value was recognized as a tactical asset and was assigned to SG-19 for a single tour, then to SG-13 to replace combat loses. After the slightly over dramatized training event involving a squad of new recruits and SG-1, he showed promise assisting the in evactuation of the SG Team under fire during that training exercise., Lieutenant McIntyre felt he was ready for more of a challenge and submitted his request to volunteer for the Phoenix project to Colonel O'Neill. Cake was promised by the Colonel, and Lieutenant McIntyre packed his bags for new adventures.

Episode Runs

    • Episode Number: 1.01
    • Tier: 1-4
    • Incomplete
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