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Capt. Enrico Lara

By sciencephile
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  • Mission Points 9
  • Race Human
  • Class Engineer
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Enrico entered the Stargate program after coming back to Earth  from one of the first Stargate missions that the original SG teams performed. Having a very high aptitude for engineering, science, and piloting, he was rushed through the Air Force academy where he passed with flying colors. While at the academy, he studied engineering, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. He gets a kick out of piloting F-22 Raptors but is generally a level-headed officer willing to do whatever is presented his way. He tends to be pragmatic and looks for the best solution, even if that means a temporary surrender, retreat, or surveillance. What he does believe is foolish is rush into action with more bravado than brains.


  1. +1 Firing Range

  2. +1 Rec Hall

  3. +1 Research Facility

  4. Climate Protection Clothing

  5. SCUBA

Episode Runs

    • Episode Number: 1.03
    • Tier: 1-4
    • Success
    • Episode Number: 1.02
    • Tier: 1-4
    • Success
    • Episode Number: 1.01
    • Tier: 1-4
    • Success
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