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When the Kelownans’ found the Stargate, Lanni was there to do the hard work. She’d spent years researching strange symbols, and the temple. She didn’t care that she wasn’t one of the leading archeologists, that she’d only be remembered in passing for her contributions. She just loved the study of the ancient structure. There was so much to learn from cultures that lived thousands of years ago, even when her country was on the brink of another war. 

Ever dedicated, she couldn’t be torn from the Stargate, not even when the bombs grew ever closer. Lanni began to realize that there was more for her to learn than could be found on Langara. That there were countless civilizations with unique wonders to show her. She left her world behind as the temple’s pillars shook.

As she wandered a new world she met the primitive people and heard legends of Stargate Command, and upon finally meeting them, she knew she would join. Imagine the worlds... the cultures. There were endless possibilities and she leapt eagerly  to join their newest venture, The Phoenix Site. 


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