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By Fiddy
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  • Race Jaffa
  • Class Soldier
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Free Jaffa: +10HP. +2 Dex. Add half Proficiency with weapons not familiar with. Take 1d4 Con damage per day if deprived of Tretonin for a week. Proficient in Jaffa weaponry. Choose 1 skill or equipment proficiency.

Background: [Subterranean]: Dex +1. Treat areas of dim light as brightly lit (including ability to discern color). [Student of Bra'Tac]: Dex +1. Treat any Ma'tok you wield as if it had the finesse weapon quality.

Soldier: d10 Hit Die. +1 Determination Points. Armor: Light and Heavy. Weapons: Common , Martial Arts, Longarms, Sidearms,. Tools: Camo Kit and  Explosives, Saves: Str and Con. Skills: Athletics, Intimidation, Pilot.
Equipment: Add a longarm to your base kit.

Tactical Flexibility: As an Action, activate a Tactic feat you don't know for (Cha min 1)[1] rounds. When time runs out, select a known tactic to re-activate automatically. Cannot re-use until long rest.

1st Tactic: Defensive Posture: +2 to AC of other team members w/in 2m of you

Stats. Base [15,15,15,8,8,8] Modified: [15,19,15,8,8,8]

Proficiency: 2
HP: 10(class)+10(race)+2(Con) = 22
DP: 2(proficiency)+1(class) = 3

AC: ?

Speed: 6m
Initiative: +4 (Dex)

Moxie: -1 (Int)


  • Str:+2(Str)+2(Prof)=+4
  • Dex:+4(Dex)
  • Con:+2(Con)+2(Prof=+4
  • Int: -1(Int)
  • Wis: -1(Wis)
  • Cha: -1(Cha)


  • Atheletics: +2(Str)+2(Prof) = +4
  • Acrobatics: +4(Dex)
  • Pilot: +4(Dex)+2(Prof) = +6
  • Sleight of Hand: +4(Dex)
  • Stealth: +4(Dex)+2(Prof) = +6
  • Engineering: -1(Int)
  • Investigation: -1(Int)
  • Nature: -1(Int)
  • Science: -1(Int)
  • Animal Handling: -1(Wis)
  • Culture: -1(Wis)
  • Insight: -1(Wis)
  • Medicine: -1(Wis)
  • Perception: -1(Wis)
  • Survival: -1(Wis)
  • Deception: -1(Cha)
  • Intimidation: -1(Cha)+2(Prof) = +1
  • Performance: -1(Cha)
  • Persuasion: -1(Cha)

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