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By Tyler Reed
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  • Rank 2
  • Mission Points 7
  • Race Tok'ra
  • Class Engineer
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Spencer Davis is an engineer and a member of a Stargate Command at the Phoenix Site.  During what was supposed to be a routine patrol off world, Davis' team was attacked by a small army of Jaffa.  Davis was the only one to survive, yet only by the skin of his teeth.  After the team missed the deadline to return back to the SGC, a rescue team was dispatched.  Davis' condition was critical.  He was saved by making a deal with the Tok'ra.  He was implanted with the Tok'ra named Kal'mar.  The two were reinstated at Phoenix Site in order to continue the fight against the system lords.  




  1. +1 Firing Range

  2. +1 Rec Hall

  3. Climate Protection Clothing

  4. Hero of Parva Unlock

  5. Pan Flute

  6. Ring Transporter Device

  7. Zat'nik'tel

Episode Runs

    • Episode Number: 1.04
    • Tier: 1
    • Success
    • Episode Number: 1.03
    • Tier: 1
    • Success
    • Episode Number: 1.01
    • Tier: 1-4
    • Success
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