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By Tyler Reed
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Kor is an Unas from P3X-888.  Unbeknownst to the others, the Alpha of his clan had been infested by a wild Goa'uld.  The Alpha led the tribe to the stargate, where the clan was attacked and captured by Jaffa belonging to a System Lord.  However, after a few days, Kor was able to escape.  While he was separated from his tribe, Kor was isolated in a land unknown.  Kor conveniently stumbled upon a SGC camp several miles from the prison camp.  From a distance, he watched how the Tau'ri used their weapons.  In the dead of night, Kor stole Tau'ri weapons, notably a Mossberg 500 shotgun.  Kor then re-infiltrated the camp, taking the Jaffa by surprise.  He was able to free his people.  Seeing his ability to scout, infiltrate, and adapt, he was recruited to the SGC at Phoenix Site.


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