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Ance Vogel

By snafuperman
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  • Race Human
  • Class Engineer
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Ance is a small man of 26 rotations.  He maintains a slight physique for which he makes up with his dexterous movements.  Though he identifies as he/him (or they/them), this would not always be apparent from his appearance or chosen apparel.  He is equally at home working with an Engineering Team or at a Euphoric Trance Rave - a phenomenon he only recently discovered.  He finds himself a bit less adept when dealing with people one-on-one, however.  
Ance grew up in a privileged caste system where he was wealthy and mostly depressed on Langara (P2S-4C3) as his parents would not allow him to participate in the Engineering activities he enjoyed.  Those activities were reserved for those in a different "caste."  After a falling out with his parents Ance chose to seek a position w/ the Tau'ri when it became available at the Phoenix Site.  


Human (27):
- +10 HP
- Ability Score Increase; +2 Intelligence chosen
- Proficiencies - choose any two
  - Nature
  - Investigation
Origins (36):
- Artificial
  - Wisdom +1
  - Life or Death Repairs
- Scholar (40)
  - Bonus Proficiency: Science
  - Preserve Knowledge: Adv on Persuasion checks w/ Scholars, learned people, or those who wish to preserve knowledge.  
Class (47)
- Engineer
  - HP 8
  - +4 HP per level over 1st
  - Determination Points: +2
  - Proficiencies
    - Armor: Light
    - Weapons:  Common weapons, Sidearms, Longarms
    - Tools:  Engineering Kit, Explosives, Fabrication Kit
    - Saving Throws:  Dexterity and Intelligence
    - Skills:  Engineering, Pilot, Perception
  - Jury Rig (47)
    - Repair machine w/ engineering kit, heal 2d8 (vs 2d6).
    - Repair adjacent machine as action vs. short rest.
  - Modifications
    - Modification feat: (waiting to choose until makeup of team is determined)

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  1. +1 Research Facility

  2. SCUBA

Episode Runs

    • Episode Number: 1.02
    • Tier: 1-4
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