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By Ethaesean
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  • Rank 1
  • Mission Points 3
  • Race Unchained Unas
  • Class Diplomat
  • Character Group Add

He's a freed Unas whose ultimate goal is to free the other Unas from slavery and is using Stargate Phoenix Program as a platform to achieve it. He's well spoken as he was a house slave whose job was to raise the children of the house in Math, English, Science, Arts, and Martial Arts. He was freed by another Unas that was part of a Stargate SG-15 team. He will not shy away from a fight, but believes in a more civilized approach to conflicts.


  1. +1 Firing Range

  2. Climate Protection Clothing

Episode Runs

    • Episode Number: 1.01
    • Tier: 1-4
    • Success
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