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By Zach B. Summers
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Jerik was part of a resistance on his home planet, referred to as Pi’Yi by natives, against Lord Yu who rules the planet via his “son”.  Knowing that Jin Yu was not a real son of Yu but only adopted was only the first of many lies which fueled the revolt against their oppressors.  Jerik joined the cause following his brother who had worked his way into leading missions against Jin and became well respected in the resistance.  Jerik’s skills were utilized and honed by his brother until on a sabotage mission to disrupt the supply chains from Yu Jerik’s brother betrayed the whole resistance party in a bloody fight that resulted in the stolen transport ship being hurled wildly into space.


Jerik came to be found by the Tok’ra aboard the crashed transport ship on an unnamed planet.  Once the Tok’ra learned Jerik’s history and the fact that he came from Yu rule he was offered a blending with Zophal an older but rebellious symbiote.  Badly injured, burned, broken and certain to die, Jerik accepted the Tok’ra offer.


Once blended Jerik and Zophal meshed well and seemed to have very similar ideals and thoughts.  Even renaming themselves to a collective name of Chussek rather than giving one priority over the other.  However, over time their combined rebellious spirit did not mesh well with the Tok’ra beliefs especially on the idea of hosts being able to return to who they were once blended with a Goa’uld.  Zophal having been betrayed and nearly killed by a former host of a freed Goa’uld and Jerik being betrayed by his brother led to severe discourse and trust issues with the Tok’ra and their objective. 


Upon the Tok’ra forming an alliance with the Tau’ri, Chussek took the opportunity to leave the Tok’ra and join the SGC.  Chussek's original SG team was killed by Jaffa forces from Wepawet.


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