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Saris Deaga

By Harrison
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Before his first home world was destroyed Saris was the pilot of a small Tollan ship that specialized in off-world acquisitions. Finding resources through mining or trade Saris was exposed to many different cultures, though he still holds fast to the Tollan philosophy of not sharing technology. he instead shares his skills, either fixing ships for those in need or to garner goodwill with those that lived nearby, he always lent a hand. "Fixing something that already exists is NOT violating our ways but a responsibility of kindness"

After Tollana was established Saris used his skills in the effort to rebuild a new home world. He dedicated all of his time to this endeavor giving up most if not all personal endeavors and living on his ship or space stations in the area. during this time and his exposure to the Tau'ri and other cultures Saris has tried to shed his pragmatist persona for a character that would keep more "free flowing" cultures at ease.

For a brief time after the establishment of Tollana Saris was able to retire for a short time, long enough to feel that the world he put so much effort into started to feel like home. After Anubis attacked his second home world Saris helped in the evacuation doing everything he could to save as many as he could. And as he watched fire rain from the sky something changed in Saris. Saris knew the SGP was fighting the goauld and Saris would join that fight. Now being a part of an endangered culture he had a responsibility to do something for his people even if that included fixing generators and primitive ships or running food stuffs, it didn't matter - he was here to help.


 Notable quotes

"If I see people starving because a food replicator is broken what should I do? Watch them starve? I think not. What moral leg do we have to stand on? I understand the need to keep our technology safe but to not use that knowledge to save others is morally reprehensible. We can fix what already exists and use our technology to add in resources and food. I still believe in having a closed-mouth approach to sharing our knowledge but it does not mean we need to have closed arms."



  1. +1 Firing Range

  2. +1 Research Facility

  3. Climate Protection Clothing

  4. SCUBA

Episode Runs

    • Episode Number: 1.02
    • Tier: 1-4
    • Success
    • Episode Number: 1.01
    • Tier: 1-4
    • Success
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