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Jarid (H) / Taus (S)

By Riptide
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Born on Yvelis V, an industrial-age world, Jarid has lived his life devoid of the control exuded by the System Lords. For many years, he strived to bring science and technology to his world. It was only in his late 20's when an injured man befell his factory. He tended to the man, and in his conversations he learned of a darker past of an ancient relic in the hills of seemingly no importance. An old circle known as 'Old Grey's Portal'. It had become part of a lush touristic garden that cropped out of the hillside. The wounded patient warned of a dark coming, that an ancient and evil power was searching for worlds to subjugate that it had forgot in the past. The strange traveler eventually proclaimed his body was dying and that his only survival would be to join with Jarid in a sacred, eternal bond. After much debate, Jared accepted and the symbiote Taus left his injured and dying former host; only after his host's request for a death from an un-winnable injury.


Taus was born of Egenia, the one against Ra. He too would rise against the oppression of the 'lesser' races of the goauld. Taus worked for years as an undercover agent within the Goauld. Siphoning information out to the Tokra.


Jarid, now bonded with his symbiote became two people in one, and exited through Old Grey's Portal, the stargate. Jarid/Taus. Centuries of knowledge combined together, the curiosity and ingenuity of a young man with the wisdom and forward-thinking of a near-immoral. 



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