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Altair Inara

By christophergood172
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Formerly a member of the Tollan High Council, he was one of the few members of the Tolan race that believed there was reason to be more open with the rest of the galaxy... if for no other reason than to find others who might share their view points and expand their knowledge. His voice was rarely listened to and when it was it was mostly to tell him that he was wrong. Even after his people encountered the Tau'ri and more specifically SG-1 and he attempted to use them and their fight against the Goa'uld as reason for the expansion... he was not only ignored but shunned. 

He continued to become disillusioned with the insular nature of his people and was slowly gathering support outside of the council when the council welcomed the Goa'uld on to Tollan. This infuriated him as he could see the threat this conqueror race presented. Even when SG-1 once more assisted his people, his cries for opening up more direct relations with the Tau'ri were ignored with many saying that the Tau'ri were nothing more than primitives' who wished nothing more than to claim their technology. 

It would be this steadfastness that would lead to the destruction of his home and the deaths of many Tollan at the hands of the Goa'uld. The death toll would have been much higher had SG-1 not once more offered their aid in help the Tolan escape. This action he believed would finally show his people that value of the Tau'ri... instead many blamed them for the destruction. He chose to leave his people behind and begin to travel. He spend many years simply venturing out, finding new worlds and learning about cultures he could not dream possible before. 

One on of these sojourns, a chance encounter with an SG team from Phoenix Base gave him an idea. He has spent so many years attempting to convince people of the value of the Tau'ri... why not see it first hand? The concept of 'lowering' himself to work with a 'lessor' species would have caused ripples through his people but he was not about to let that stop him from joining Stargate Command and in his own way attempting to return the favor that SG-1 had given his people years before...


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