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Jason Turner

By Rathan01
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  • Race Human
  • Class Medic
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Born in Maryland, Jason joined the Army and became a field Medic. After 2 tours of duty overseas, his commanding office submitted him for a Stargate Phoenix service assignment. Jason was vetted and joined on his 26th birthday.

Jason Turner  Tau'ri    Military/Healer
STR    12    +1
DEX    13    +1
CON    10    
INT    13    +1
WIS    17    +3
CHA    10    

HP    d8            18
Determination    3
Speed            6m
Init            +1
Moxie            +3

Common Weapons, Sidearms, Longarms, Grenades, Heavy Armor
Light Armor, Shotguns
Dex Wis saves
Athletics, Insight, Science

Procedure Feats:
First Aid, Crash Training

Med Kit, Outbreak Kit

Episode Runs

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