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Patrick Martin

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Patrick was a G6 level government employee. He loved his job as a janitor at the Phoenix Gate location. A family man and devoted Catholic, he loved working among the heroes of SG-1 and the other teams, even if it was cleaning the floors and fixing equipment. All that changed one day when a wounded Tok'ra, Thaddaeus, came through the Stargate. Thaddeus was wounded badly and bleeding out with no time to spare. Thaddeus needed a new host. Patrick overheard this emergency while he was cleaning up the blood in the hall. Considering his love for those in service to the defense of the universe, he offered himself as a host. Ever grateful for Patrick's grace, Thaddeus offered to stay dormant until Patrick died of old age. Patrick and his wife agreed this gift was for a reason, and he had to join the SG team to help where he could. 

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