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Okuna was a key player in the bloody revolt against the System Lord, seeking freedom for his people and their human allies. He rarely fought on the front lines, but his infiltration prowess got him into, and out of, places that few could breach. After obtaining a vital piece of logistical information the Tau’ri from the Stargate were able to launch an assault and free his people. Where his intel had helped the freedom fighters determine their next step, this blow saw several planets liberated, but at the cost of his anonymity. Okuna considered it his mission to free the Unas from the tyranny of the Goa’uld overlords. When he joined the Phoenix Site, General Loyer was quick to notice his unique abilities and soon put him to work gathering intel for Phoenix-1. In return for which, Okuna struck a deal to keep the Unas’ presence confidential in order to protect his people.


  1. Gratitude of the Asgard

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