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Katherine (Kat) Stairo

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Kat lived in Egypt on varies digs for her first 12 years of life. Her parents Frank a renown archeologist and Laura a well known anthropologist and linguist were well known social scientists and took their 4 children on their varies digs. Kat has an older Brother Joe 4 years her senior a soldier with the British army Edward her twin who is a quadradic due to trouble he and Kat got in as teens see questionnaire. and Lucy her little sister who is 3 years younger and still in school. At 12 the family moved to Peru to study those ruins and lived there until moving to England when Kat was 16 where she attended 2ndary school for the first time and rebelled a bit. After the trouble Kat moved to Greenland with her Uncle Harry who runs a museum on Viking artifacts, writings and myths. She stayed with him until she started college choosing to study at University of Pennsylvania it was at a lecture Kat was first introduced to Daniel Jackson and his ideas though not 100% sure about alien involvement she did believe in cross colonization and the universe is a big place she decided to base her research on proving Daniels or disproving Daniels work. After Daniels Death the SGC came across her research and invited the grad student to join the SGC Phoenix site. Kat lives and breathes old sg1 reports and loves to explore she only wishes she could have spoken and learned from Dr. Jackson himself. 

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