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Amanda "Amy" Magnus

By Abnormal_Puddle
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Granddaughter of Helen Magnus and Nikola Tesla, Amy was born in 1981 at the Old City Sanctuary. Her mother died when Amy was 5 so her grandparents raised her until she was kidnapped at 16 years old during her first mission with them. After 2 years of captivity and various tortures, she managed to escape and come back to the Sanctuary. She never told anyone what she has been through, and after 3 years, she left Old City and joined the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Her skills drew the attention of the higher-ups and she was recruited to the SGC.


Being the natural daughter and granddaughter of two vampires, Amy has been used by her captors in an attempt to revive the Sanguine Vampiris race with another vampire of her age, Jared. When they managed to free themselves, they found 4 newborns created in the laboratory of the warehouse they were held captives. They have 2 daughters (Emily and Rickie) and 2 sons (Jamie and Nigel) born in 1998.


She made it to Captain shortly before she was recruited to the SGC in 2005, and her abnormality was disclosed after her medical examination. A period of uncertainty followed, but she eventually became a member of SG-7 a few weeks later.


She made it to Lieutenant-Colonel a few years after the defeat of the Ori when she stayed behind to save her team, and married Doctor Major Kleia Richards in 2008.

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