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Kuno Kaagi

By Drazi
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Born on K'Kaa (Pop 8 Million), Kuno's homeworld was a rare Unas-inhabited planet free of Goa'uld influence. Free from their interference, the Unas of K'Kaa developed technology and engineering far beyond the common Unas. Kuno was raised as a craftsman and smith, but when Jaffa serving the Goa'uld began to raid their planet for slaves and supplies he was the first to volunteer to protect his people. He joined Unas commandos living in tree-top villages, standing sentry for days and scouting known enemy locations. Stargate Command soon made contact with K'Kaa, and invited prospective freedom-fighters to join the Phoenix site. Innovation and courage are not encouraged on K'Kaa, and the fighting was beginning to die down, so Kuno decided to seek out new ideas. He joined the Tau'ri resistance to strike back at the Goa'uld who enslaved his people for so long, and who dared attack them under Kuno Kaagi's watch. 

Only recently trained with human tools and devices, and struggling to speak such a strange tongue, Kuno often feels clumsy and oafish.  He is competent, but not always as quick or clever as his counterparts from the other races. Still, he is fearless, strong, and bold. He will ignore gunfire to help another defuse a bomb, and then join in melee swinging his trademark Channellock 30 inch Adjustable Wrench. 


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