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Asim was born on the Planet of Perbastet as the son of a chief of the Temple City of Bast. During his youth he trained as a warrior and assisted in securing an alliance between the three local settlements, one of which provided him his wife, Chichisi (Chi). Now that he himself is chief, he is more of a diplomat than a warrior and he very much enjoys his family life. However, upon the entrance of Stargate Command through their temple stargate, Asim has had to rethink all of his beliefs. It turns out that their planet was under the rule of Bastet several centuries previous. But upon realizing their local star was failing and the naquadah supply was dwindling, the Goaul'd abandoned Perbastet in pursuit of greener pastures. Asim has little trouble believing and accepting this even while others struggle. The stargate team begins evacuating their planet to Haven because the star is projected to completely fail in anywhere between 10-100 years. Crops are not growing and the people and animals of the planet are sick and hungry and their population is suffering. While he maintains his devotion to Bastet, he has completely denounced the Bastet of the Goaul'd and has agreed to join Stargate Command Pheonix III to continue to help others like himself and his family.

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