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Side Mission - Birthplace 1.0.0

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About This File

A ninety-minute Side Mission episode for level 1-4 characters for the Living RPG Series. Purchasing this item gets you a 17 page PDF and access to create Episode Runs as part of the Living RPG Series: "Phoenix Site"


Travel back to Reese’s homeworld to further explore what befell the colony and what the Replicators left behind.

Living RPG Series

Stargate Phoenix – A Living RPG Series is a living campaign in which your character will live within a Stargate SG-1 canon universe series called "Stargate: Phoenix." Your success and failures will shape the story that plays out over a course of a “Season” of “Episodes” released over time.


What is a Side Mission?
Sometimes called “Bottle Episodes,” Side Missions are episodes that you can drop into any game season at any point and it is completely self contained. The only assumption for timeline is that this episode takes place after Stargate SG-1 Season 6 “Allegiance.” Side Missions can be played at a home game or as part of the Living RPG Series “Phoenix Site.”


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