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Hello from the Philippines

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I am a 60-something American retiree, now living in the Philippines (GMT+8).  I have been playing RPGs since about 1980.  My military service has come in handy when the games focus on military activities.  I guess this makes me a 'Grognard' in some sense of the word.


Stargate:SG1 captured my imagination at an age when most men are more concerned with football scores, baseball stats, and who is moving in down the block.  Ever since, I have worked on integrating the Stargate world into the Traveller ruleset, and now I find that Wyvern has adapted D&D rules to make a viable RPG.


(Regrettably, I and several others put the finishing touches on our systems right about the same time Alderac was going under, leaving few publishers with any taste for the game, and fewer venues for further development.)


I am looking forward to further developments in this title. 🙂




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