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After generating a Soldier PC, I looked for rules to assign military rank.  There seems to be none.  Before I post the table I developed, I thought it best to ask the more experienced players how they assign ranks to their military characters.  I know this much: Teal'c, as First Prime, is equivalent to E7 or E8 while Master Bra'tac might be E9.  But what about Tau'ri military members?  How do they receive their Military Ranks?  Is it by level or mission points?  Or is it just an arbitrary decision on the GM's part?


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So . . . no replies? I'll post what I have, anyway.  If the Powers That Be see fit to include this in the Second Edition, then all I ask for is correct attribution.



1) PC must be Tau'ri, and must have Tau'ri Military as a Racial Origin (does not stack with Background Origin: Military).  Other origin may be Background or Biome.

2) Enlisted pay grade equals Level (e.g., Pay Grade E1 at Level 1, E2 at Level 2, et cetera), up to a maximum of E9 at Level 9, after which the non-commissioned PC remains at Pay Grade 9, even though its levels may increase.

3) After achieving Level 5, the PC may purchase the OCS/Commission Feat for 5 Mission Points (MPs).  The PC then receives a Commission at rank O1.  This rank increases only at every third level (e.g., Level 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, and 20).  The maximum commissioned rank achievable under this system is O6.

4) PCs granted the commissioned rank of General (O7) by the GM are retired from play, but may return as NPCs.



MP Cost: 5

Requirements: Level 5, plus Tau'ri Military Racial Origin

You have graduated from Officer Candidate School with a Commission.  From now on, you are a Commissioned Officer in the Tau'ri Military, with all rights, duties, and privileges thereof.

Company Grade Officers: O1, O2, and O3.
Field Grade Officers: O4, O5, and O6


IMSGU: In My Stargate Universe

• Tau'ri soldiers have Pay Grade (E1-E9) or Rank (O1-O6).

• Enlisted Tau'ri Soldiers must take the OCS/Commission Combat Feat to become commissioned officers, and can take the feat only once, at level 5 with O1, up to O6 Maximum at level 20.  All branches extant at the end of Season Six are represented (I.e., Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy).

• Non-Tau'ri military personnel in service to their respective governments have their own rank structure.

• Non-military or non-Tau'ri personnel (any race) have a General Services Grade that matches one-half of their level, rounded up.  GS personnel receive automatic promotions at every even level (whether they deserve it or not).

• All personnel are paid in military scrip, which may be redeemed at the Phoenix Postal Exchange (PX).  The PX stocks uniform items, personal hygiene kits, canned goods, hobby items, and the ubiquitous Stars & Stripes news-sheet.  Items sold at the PX are tax-free.



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