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Mission Reports.

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To: Gen. P.K. Loyer, USAF.
APO 871648-71867

Re: Requested Arrival Report


Arrived 03:17 local. Welcome committee was polite, yet thorough.  Assigned TPU housing for the interim.

Met with Emissary Malaya over breakfast. He sends his good regards.  He and his staff filled me in on local customs.  The meal/meeting lasted over two hours.

These are a friendly people.  Always polite and courteous.  This alone may have given some people the impression that they can be bullied or intimidated.  However, every one of those at breakfast carried at least one bladed weapon of some kind.  The Emissary tells me that this is not at all unusual; and that, in fact, it would be more unusual to meet one of his people who was not so armed.

He offered the loan of one of his blades to carry - a large, wicked-looking piece he called a bolo (about the size of a machete).  I suggested that, as a visitor, I should carry something less imposing, and asked if my combat knife would do.  He gave his consent and his personal promise that no one would bother me about it.

But I digress.

After the breakfast table was cleared, Emissary Malaya, myself, and two of his security people went for a stroll around the facility, stopping briefly at the TPU.

My things were gone.

Always smiling, Emissary Malaya spoke with the barracks' duty officer, who informed us that as soon as my request for quarters had come through, she had my things sent to a one-person 'kubo' in Officers' Country.  Then she handed me the key and offered to show me to my door.

The kubo walls seemed to be built of vertical shafts of a native yellow wood, and measured roughly 6 or 7 meters on a side.  The roof was thatched, and all the shutters were closed.  With some trepidation, I unlocked the door and stepped inside.

The interior was spotless.  All the modern conveniences were present in what amounted to a neat little efficiency apartment - kitchen, dining, and 'sala' on one side, bedroom and 'see-ar' on the other.  Enough storage space for everything I had brought, too. She told me that the Emissary had assigned her as my 'nanay' for the day, as he had been called back to his office.

I did a quick inventory and found nothing missing.  While I was putting on the combat knife, the two guards headed out the door.  I quickly stowed my gear, and met the BDO outside.  They followed along while the BDO kept up a running monologue regarding the on-base facilities, and where to go off-base for such things as 'kanin' and 'gulay'.

The 'Gate is in the middle of a 1 km square walled compound.  Everything seemed constructed of natural materials except the outer wall, which was 1-meter thick concrete, 3 meters tall.  The streets were laid out in what is best described as an 'organic' fashion, yet everything was easily accessible.

There is a rec center, a small gym, a commissary, a chapel, and the usual collection of administrative and residential buildings.  The center of social activity seemed to be a canopied basketball court.  One sideline was occupied by the bleachers, while the other featured a stage.

"Do you karaoke?", asked the BDO.  "Every night to ten.  You sing favorite right here.  Everyone enjoy!"

(Yes, sir, she really did talk to me that way.  I found out later that she is actually very articulate in several languages, and I really do wonder why she did this.)

We passed through the gates and took a quick tour of their miracle mile -- the usual shops outside any military base, although the main commodity being sold is food.  Come to find out this was only the outer edge of an open-air market.  Inside can be found just about every commodity imaginable.

Which brings me to a significant detail.  Several stalls sold hand-carved wooden mattocks.  I soon met the original woodcarver, who showed me the real item he used as a model.  He said his grandfather found it in the mountains to the south "many years ago".  It is heavily weathered and missing a few pieces -- a real antique -- but if anyone seems interested, there may be more of these antiques to be found, maybe in better condition.

Tomorrow I start working in the comms center, and hope to have everything online by next week, starting with global HF.

This concludes my report.


Chief Engineer
Constellation Dynamics, LLC

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