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Feedback on "Run"

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If there's a better place to put this or submit it please let me know. I backed this awhile back and my book just arrived and I'm getting excited to bring it to my table. I started reading some of the adventure content to get a feel for how they're put together and noticed more than a few typos/wrong words/etc. I started keeping a list which is below. I'm hoping periodically these types of things can be fixed up, I used to dislike this in D&D's Adventurers League as they'd have a bunch of editing issues but would never go back and fix them, would only worry about new content.


Pg 6

"Craters" is misspelt as "Creators" in several places
The valley has been the *site* of... (misspelt as sight)
The DHD *is seems* to be...

The skill checks for locating the mine repeat themselves, see duplicate paragraphs beginning with "If the players notice the Tac`..."
More a stylistic thing but under investigation you list Takunitagaminituron then clarify the abbreviation. It would be better to place the full name and abbreviation clarification with the first mention of it.

Pg 7
"verses" appears when "versus" seems intended

Pg 8
"By bones" when "My bones" seems intended
"tasted" is used when "tasked" seems intended, the sentence is also awkward
Under Resolution, 'them' is used when 'then' seems intended

Pg 9
Under What the PCs may do, "the" is used when "they" seems intended, and "thought" is used when "through" seems intended'. The 'thought' typo is repeated under Resolution.

Page 10
"by a chasers" has a singular/plural conflict

Page 11
"addition" when "additional" seems intended


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Page 6, Column 2: The first perception check ends mid-sentence with "if failed"


All side missions:

Rewards section

"Players typically gain three MPs per episode unless they do not succeed at a portion of the episode."

....and then only 2 are awarded since this is not an episode.

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