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If this Stargate 5e works out out, I'd love to see them do Andromeda as well


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 It occurred to me that this game could be a good template for expanding into some of my other favourite Sci Fi,  Darkmatters obvious it's owned by MGM as well and there was actually talk of a crossover, so I figure a Darkmatter expansion book will happen eventually once SG: Atlantis and SG: Universe 

 But another starved and favourite setting is Andromeda. It got 5 seasons and 6 novels, but its still one of the most watched Sci Fi programs, and it is kind of like the midway point in feel between Star Trek and Stargate.

 Other possiblities include Killjoys, V, and Spaceballs!

 Star Trek, Star Wars, and the Expanse already have their own RPG books.

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