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Inspire HP and Temp HP Question


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The Inspire feat on page 45 only ever refers to them as temporary hit points.  According to page 123, temporary hit points do not stack.  If you have THP and receive more, you choose which one to keep.  If you choose to forego your Inspire HP, you lose the associated benefits of any inspiration feats as well.

Where it gets weird, though, is the Enduring Inspirations feat on page 98, which reads like maybe that specific roll is meant to be added?  Otherwise, what’s the point of saying you can have more than the max number for your Inspire die?  If it didn’t add, you’d never be able to have more than the number you roll anyway…

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Oooh, I see.  Enduring Inspriations is a roll of the tension die.  That second line caps the result when your tension level outsizes your inspiration die.

Since it's still THP, you'd be able to choose either your existing Inspire HP or the new roll, but this time you'd keep your inspiration feat benefits either way.

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