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The Dread Lords - a threat for your players once all the system lords have been destroyed


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Hey everyone, I actually posted this as a reply to another post here on Homebrew, but I thought it might deserve it's own article.
I am working on a campaign involving the "Dread Lords", a trio of Goauld that the system lords imprisoned in sarcophagus' millennia ago. It was very much intended for a modern day stargate campaign where everything before it (what happened in the series) was true, but still give the Goauld a chance to be a threat again. In the campaign, the SG team would inadvertently 'resurrect' these dead gods.

Backstory: An offspring of Ra, Aten rose to power during the Goauld's waning years on Earth. As he came to prominence, he quickly became skilled geneticist, ever seeking the goal of creating the ultimate host. He succeeded in creating an incredibly powerful host for his symbiote, utilizing dozens of species, but most importantly Alteran/Lantean DNA. A feat that was thought to be impossible by the other system lords. His new form brought him increased intelligence, the physicality of the finest warriors, an increased healing factor, and the ability to tap into rare technology. With this, he was able to access a few pieces of ancient technology, vastly superior to what was available to the Goauld. Going from a goauld with little territory or importance other than being Ra's son, to a conqueror of prominence within mere months scared the System Lords more than anything. Upon meeting with Ra, Aten explained that he was the one system lord of all and that their efforts do destroy him were futile, as he had discovered ascension. It is unknown if this had any truth, if Ra believed the claim, or could not bring himself to destroy a progeny he respected, but a plan was enacted to capture rather than kill Aten. When him and his two generals rested in their sarcophagi, they were sealed away, hopefully forever, to keep the 'Dread Lords' from shifting the balance of power ever again

Backstory: As one of the Goauld constantly vying for power only to be cast off by the System Lords, Amun lived his life in the shadows of his greaters. He bided his time and built up armies secretly on worlds unknown to the System Lords, hoping for the right time to strike. In time, he slipped into the shadows, becoming only a whisper on his followers tongues and thought dead in the eyes of other goauld. He became known as the "Hidden One", orchestating attacks from the shadows in a constant attempt to unseat one of the System Lords. Upon a chance meeting with Aten, he was offered one of the geneticists new 'perfect' hosts in exchange for the loyalty of the considerable armies he had been amassing in secret. Amun agreed and joined under Aten to assault the System Lords for a chance to prove himself and take power from those that had cast him aside for so long.

Backstory: A Goauld Queen, Nephthys had a long history within Goauld culture and short lived history as a Dread Lord. While not a member of, she surrounded herself with the System Lords. As a Goauld Queen, she had influence, but was kept at the beck and call of the Lords for centuries. When Ra's son, Aten began to rise to power, she saw an opportunity to rid herself of the System Lords and become a prominent member of Goauld high society. She eventually fell in love with Aten, or at least the equivalent of love within Goauld psychology, and worked with him to create the new generation of Goauld symbiotes to become the next generation of Goauld and crush the old ways and power structures. This unfortunately failed, and once sealed away as one of the Dread Lords, her progeny in their larval state were burned and cast aside. The powers that be do not take kindly to the changing of the status quo.

Technology: Goauld Dread Lord Mothership
Backstory: The Ma'Tal was designed to counter to Goauld Ha'tak in nearly every facet of it's design. Born off of the design of a crashed vessel on a distant world of ancient origin, the Ma'tal had superior hyperspace capabilities, automated targeting systems, as well as a crude version of the ancients drone technology. Because of this, it could run on a crew of one, if needed, yet nearly three thousand Jaffa could populate it's interior, assisting where needed and aiding in the invasion of planets. According to Goauld records, only three were ever built. All were destroyed at the battle of Gre'tulak, when the armadas of the system lords overpowered one active version of the vessel and two that were still in construction.

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I would have liked if the Phoenix story took place a few years after the Ori story.  

Like the idea of having the system lords come back as a threat in some way.  Surviving system lords rebuilt or new ones show up that weren't involved with SG1.  I like your Dread Lords idea

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