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a question on the STL Files


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I have recently preordered the core rule book, while waiting i wanted to print and paint up some minis in preperation. does anyone have any decent high res pictures of either the printed models or the 3d models them selves as the pictures on the store are terrible to get an idea on what they will look like? (google is only bringing up either the old white metal phoenix icons stuff, or the same images hosted here).

Thanks in for any help given

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yhea the SGC members seem to be female for SGC personnel its easy to sub for any sort of modern military type minis at least for the human based members. even for random encounters its fairly easy to use historical minis to represent the more primative displaced humans or scifi humans to represent the more advanced humans like the Tollan or Hebridian humans. its the more specific stargate stuff that is in short supply jaffa/gould/asgard(might be some generic "greys" out there that would be good subs"/nox/unas etc.

my main fear is that the images on the store page is that parts of the models look very skinny and some parts look like they lack detail such as the Wolfguard jaffa look like there is zero texture on the torso armor for example, maybe its just the way the renders have been done that fail to show the detail. if the games developers see this I would suggest putting some printed and painted examples on the product pages to give us an idea on what they look like when printed 

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Here was my print of one of the minis.  I included the fresh print along with images with a fast Zenithal to show some of the detail.  They do feel a bit spindly and the details are a bit soft.  These were printed on an AnyCubic Photon Zero (not the best printer but it does OK for cheap).



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thewildscot thanks for the images, yhea that sort of confirms my worry the body and clothes look fine but her gear and face look very clay like (sort of reminds me of the changlings from star trek)

edit: a side note would people be open to having a thread were we can share alternate mini sources(printed and/or traditional) to proxy as the various SG aliens

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