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Gaining New Proficiency


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Looking at the rules, I am assuming that they use the 5e the procedure.  (250 days of downtime +1 gold per day [substitute whatever on that].  But considering that this is military based and if you want to get a new language and it gets approved in the military they have special classes for that, I would assume that any viable and likely skill that could be used in the field would also be covered.  From what I know of the military, never served but lots of family and friends have, classes for these skills would be very intense.  Approximately 250 to 450 days for languages and potentially longer for some skills.  Now the question, since there isn't a gold cost would adding a MP cost be fair?  Or perhaps some regular skill checks to see if they are succeeding or failing in the class, since they would also likely be doing missions during the study.  Because of the fact that the base is small, I would think they would be using designed courses that could be solo or being instructed by native speakers on the base.  Suggestions welcome, as in my pool of potential players I have more than one seriously into languages and will be asking this.

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