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Hello from Germany


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Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself here

I'm a little GM and a big "Stargate" fan. Just a few days ago I discovered that there is a Stargate RPG ❤️ 
So I'll probably lead a few sessions over the next few weeks ^,^ 

As with many other role-playing games, I use the "FoundryVTT" program for this, I always like to stream my pen and paper sessions on Twitch and Youtube.
So thank you for finally having a set of rules for my favorite franchise.

I apologize for my bad english xD

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No need to apologize, ST, your English is excellent.  Try Discord: https://discord.gg/6ZYhdGdU

Check the "looking-for-game" channel.  oX_Wheel is another German who has been looking for a game!


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