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Hello from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, [The Shire], England


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Oh yes.  The Blue Trident is a reference to "Polaris: The Roleplaying Game of The Depths" by Phillipe Tessier, published by Black Book Editions of Lyons, France.  it's also available in English.  It refers to the Underwater Nation "The Cult of The Trident, which is basically The United Kingdom and its surrounding Sea area - in Polaris, which is around 2000 years into our future, all the ice has melted, raising see-level by 235 ft, the Ecology and Atmosphere are wrecked, causing most everybody to live in underwater Cities, with various Nations (The Cult, The Hegemony, The Red League, The Coral Republic, others) vying for Political control.  Living on (and surviving) The Surface requires extensive full-exo-Armour suit protection or suitable Mutations (Ouch!!).

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