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I hope this gets read by the developers.   


I signed up for Gen Con Online just to try out Stargate phoenix.  And the tickets became available to purchase today.  And they are already sold out.  I don't have a group to play with where I live, that's for any game fyi.  Now I can't play at all cause all tickets are sold out.  The only reason I signed up for Gen Con Online was to play Stargate.  None of the other games are worth the money to me, but, Stargate is.  I'm upset about it, but that being said, it's no one's fault.  You only have so many event slots to play.  And only 4 players per event slot.  I'm just curious why the episodes after episode 1 aren't filled/ sold out yet.  I don't know about anyone else but I was going to sign up for all episodes, not 1 of the episodes.  If you miss ONE you miss the story, and that's why I play "the story".  So it's not worth doing if you can't get them all -- and in order.  So you should have set it up so when you purchased the ticket for the first episode you would get all episodes even if it cost more.

I was so looking forward to playing.  I guess I'll be stuck with just my imagination and reading the novels, watching the old shows, and reading the comic books.






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