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Greetings from New Jersey, USA


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So excited to be here!  I've been a Stargate fan since seeing the movie in the theater (yeah I'm old enough for that), and was an avid D&D DM until partway through college when studies became the priority.  When I heard that Wyvern was picking up the gauntlet for creating a Stargate RPG it sounded like a prime opportunity to get back into role-playing, and that's my intention.  I'm more of a home-brewer, and feel like the idea of an episodic approach is an interesting challenge.  Can I follow that approach and somehow fit it into an unexplored corner of the canon?  We'll see!

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Thanks Erich!  Apologies for the late response - I thought I would get a notification that somebody replied, but nope.  I just happened to check today, out of the blue.

Are you still running a game?  Totally separate from this thread, I tried to join your group, but I understand that you may have gone in a different direction.  If so you may never see this question!  But if you do, best wishes for fun and success with your campaign, whatever system you're using.  And if you do decide to start up a Stargate game, let me know!

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Hey Steve, no worries notifications on here are certainly hit or miss! 

My home group went in a very different direction last year after multiple delays in the SG game (even though we completed an extensive session zero), and are now about 3/4 done with Curse of Strahd. I am loathe to interrupt that to begin a new SG campaign right now, so we're just finishing that ups first.

I've had the opportunity to play a number of modules at GenCon this year and they were a blast, but probably won't get a chance to GM any until mid 2022 for my home group.

If you are looking for an active group to join, I strongly recommend the Wyvern Gaming Discord to discuss all things SG1 and learn about multiple gaming opportunities (both virtual and in person). 

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