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Rewarding Players


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Hey all,

I am going to be starting a campaign soon, and it will be my first time GMing, and first time playing a TTRPG outside of the DnD world, and I am a little stuck.


Obviously, one of the rewards is mission points to allow the players to level up and develop, but is there anything else you give your players? 

Regular DnD has money, gems and other loot to give the players, but being a military unit those rewards seem unneeded. Any advice would be appreciated

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If you choose to GM the official episodes of the campaign, what the episode unlocks is on their pdfs near the end of it. It'll have a list of 2 or 3 actions that awarded 1mp each (main missions = 3mp, side missions =2mp) and will also have an unlockable that could have been earned that episode which is sometimes earned by a specific action but isn't always. These rewards vary, examples: facility bonuses and equipment (new ones or those that were previously not available. There's a series guide that made some things in the core rulebook not allowed. It's on this site) or feats and other things.

If you're not doing the official episodes, well maybe knowing that the official eps reward that type of thing you could do something similar. Like +1 to a specific facility, ect. Or as you mentioned money, you could give them military pay that they could spend in Haven and you can make up stuff for the general and black markets?

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