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Can you have proficiency with RPG, without Gunnery?


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I'm a bit confused about the Gunnery-proficiency. I want to create an Abydonian Human Medic, with an RPG if possible. 
I assume the Weapon Proficiency from the Abydonian traits, can NOT be used to pick Gunnery-proficiency, but only proficiency with a single weapon.  Thus I just have to pick proficiency with RPG's only.

However, under the description of Heavy Ordinance on page 66 it says "These weapons use the Gunnery proficiency".  Does this means I have to get the WEAPON PROFICIENCY feat (page 89) and choose Gunnery, before I can use my RPG?

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Picking a weapons proficiency means picking a weapon category and then you're proficient with all weapons in that category, not picking a single weapon.


As for RPG usage, it depends if you're going to be in a group that follows the Living RPG series guide. Most gunnery weapons, (RPG, grenade launcher, flamethrower) aren't allowed. I know there's an ep that you have the possibility to unlock the grenade launcher, but I don't think there's an ep that rewards the RPG yet.

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