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Brawler feat - Mistake or deliberate choice?


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While I think I understand the rules as written, I was hoping someone could explain why this feat is so weird and restricted, and if there's something in the intent that I've missed.

MP Cost: 7
Requirement: Attack Specialist with Common weapons or Martial Arts
When you hit with a melee weapon or Martial Arts attack you may choose to not multiply the damage dice using Attack Specialist (or Veteran or Ace). If you do, you may make another Martial Arts attack if you don’t move this turn (either before or after the attack). Each time you successfully hit a target, you may make another such attack.

The basic idea is to sacrifice some damage on an initial hit for the possibility of further hits (and more damage) later - Flurry of blows, etc. Makes sense.

My question is on the melee weapon / martial arts distinction.  I can take the feat if I have Attack Specialist feat with Common Weapons, and I can start the sequence if I hit with a common weapon, but I can't continue the sequence with the common weapon - I have to start punching? For example, the Sword-master, fencer extraordinaire, begins one of his deadly rapier attack sequences, hits with his positioning strike, and then ... kicks them in the shins? Not make another weapon attack? It seems intended to limit the feat to martial arts experts, but then why have common weapons attack specialist as a requirement, and/or stat the sequence with a melee attack? 

I know it's named Brawler, but it would seem the perfect feat to represent a sequenced weapon attack, flurry of strikes, etc. Does anyone know any good reason why it's written this way? It's not as if it's all about limiting the damage - Martial Training means all melee and martial arts attacks can do the same damage, so ... why only sequential martial arts attacks?



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