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AK Aramis sends... Greetings!


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Greetings and wishes of health to one and all!

I made the mistake of decision to mention the Kickstarter to my Alaska group (that's what the AK represents). I'm not a hardcore Stargate fan, but consider myself at least as much a stargate fan as I am a fan of Dune... which is to say, I've enjoyed reexperiencing the series more than once.

Taking a good hard look through the beta, finding it interesting, since 3 of my 6 rotating players are decidedly interested we all are at least casual fans... and so decided to back. Then, likeing what I saw when I dug in... we start playing in just over a week with what is available in the beta.

Long-time gamer, degree in history, a couple exams and 1 course shy of a Bachelor's of Music Performance, student teaching shy of MAEd... SCA Herald (curently Lion's Blood Submissions Herald, An Tir), credited in playtests for FFG (Star Wars), BTRC (EABA 1e), Modiphius (STA), Mongoose (Mongoose Traveller 1E), QLI (Traveller T20). I also run the official Traveller boards for Marc Miller dba FFE. I have worked a variety of interesting jobs - National Archives archives aide, executive assistant in a small non-profit, public school teacher, private strings and computer programming instruction, elections worker.

Currently I'm in the greater Corvallis area of Oregon. Just completed a playtest for another company, so my Alaska group will be playing the beta starting next week. My local group is playing Vaesen... and have played Star Trek Adventures, Alien, Sentinel Comics.

I'm active on Fria Liagan's forums, RPGG/BGG and EnWorld, as well as COTI.

My preferred pronouns are masculine. 

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