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i was very happy to see the announcement of a new stargate rpg and the boon it using d&D5e  tmnt and other strangeness was my first tabletop rpg it was a gift from my nana poe.  since getting that book i have mostly been a gm with rarity is a player.im so ready for new adventures and experiences in stargate.  is for tabletop rpgs i play a lil of everything and run even more. i currently run 6 games we meet every other week so its three games a week and i play in two games. i run 2 stargate games one using the cypher rules set the other using the savage worlds rules set. its going to be nice to see the canon stargate rpg using the d&d5e engine. i also play in two stargate games one using the fate rules set and the other using cypher rules. is forcurrently other tabletop games currently run a invisible sun ,world of darkness v20, and starting up a d&d 5e group using a homebrew setting that's inspired by the recent ks arcana of the ancients. so ya i guess u could say im a bit of a geek and nerd and very much a tabletop rpg fan.
is for vid game i tend to play vid games with deep story and character arcs.so mostly rpgs but like ttrpgs i am all for trying new things
i started watching stargate sg-1 with the mid season 1 holiday break episode and been a very quick fan. i really had fun with what they did with merlin and morgan le fey.
is for me i live in the usa but was born in the netherlands so both countries are my home.  im a bit shy and reserved when i meet people being born with cerebral palsy and facing the cruelty of the world has made me shy and reserved though when talking about interests i have i very much come out of my shell same for when im role playing.  i have the bad habit of when i get invested i go a bit all in. when not working i tend to work on allot of homebrewed ideas for tabletop games thats when im not inthe gmchair orbeinga player. 

i look forward to the new adventure and getting to meet all of you and all the interesting ideas and discussions to be had.
also its cool getting to hang out in a virtual stargate command 

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