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Overwatch as a full action (?)


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I am reading through the new stuff available in the Quick Start rules. I see there are some new actions added for the Firefight Encounter. Among them there is Overwatch action marked as a Full Action.

I run games in D&D 5e often and AFAIK there is no such thing in the core rules. Full action was a mechanic in the D&D 3.5 though. In 5e to achieve something like this PC can simply use Ready Action. Yet still the rules could provide that action readied that way impose advantage or the lowest cover bonus for the target. 

Also in the current form the rule allows to make multiple attacks on ANY target that enters the area. Looks a little to OP for me. It should state that PC can make one attack action on the chosen target in the area. 

Still PC would have Move + Bonus action on his/her turn also available as Ready an action is a standard action. 

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