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Greeting From Florida, USA!


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Hello new friends! At least, I hope so!

I've been into the TTRPG scene since college. Started with 3.5, fell in love with 5e and have been using it to introduce people to the hobby for years. I also play Pathfinder, some Star Wars, even have the old EverQuest TTRPG rule book on my shelf. I started watching Stargate SG-1 in the middle of Season 4, when it was on HBO. Fell in love and kept watching it while playing catch-up with the previous seasons.

I had a hard time getting people to learn the old ruleset (D20 Modern) that the last Stargate TTRPG was written for, but my group is already hyped to try out this game when the book arrives. I'll also be running some one-shots and will gladly have people here be a part of those over the next few months. I really, really cannot describe how ecstatic I am about this game.

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