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Repair DCs


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On Page 61 under tech levels it gives the DC to 'modify or repair' as 5+5/TL. so TL1 is 10, 2 is 15 etc.

but right under that in 'repairing mechanical damage' it says the DC to repair is DC10+TL , so 10, 11, 12 etc. 

Has this been cleared up in Erratta? I'm assuming the TL x5 one is right, as DC 15 to fix a stargate is a bit easy 

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Ah, the confusing-ness of repair DCs.

The DC is 10 + (TL#). The episode "In Ruins" has a engineering DC 10 + (TL 5) check.

Personally, I originally took that to mean the check would be 40, though that caused a discussion in our group since 40 was impossible for our group. In the end I ended up rolling a DC 30 and just added that to the 10.

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Tech Level

1          Dc 11           Dc10

2          Dc 12           Dc15

3          Dc 13           Dc20

4          Dc 14           Dc25

5          Dc 15           Dc30

I can see it working as DC10+TL to fix an existing device and 5+5xTL to Make a new one. So it's 15 to fix a stargate, 30 to make a new one

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