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Hi im new


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11 hours ago, Guardian0flight said:

Ive played dnd a lot but never a sgc version

The big changes, in a nutshell:

Lots more ranged weapons, much higher starting HP, only one unified roll mechanic for a number of special cases of physical opposed rolls, a large scale combat system, a much smaller experience point total needed to go up, classes end at 5th level, everyone simply buys feats after that. Inspiration has a different mechanic and use. Several social interaction systems abstract out certain facets, and you can use the "fortune in the middle" mode - state the goal, roll the dice, then narrate the discussion/actions appropriately to the roll.

The biggest add is the Tension Die - when things are tensest, it's a d12 - many abilities use the Tension die. 

Grab the beta, from the files section... it will seem fairly familiar, and most of the mechanics are the same. 


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