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Hello from Oregon!


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Hey gang! Just dropping in to say hello!

I've been a fan of Stargate since SG1 first started airing. I love every iteration of the TV show. And I've been playing TTRPGs for even longer!

I enjoyed my time with AEG's Stargate RPG immensely. Running several successful campaigns over the years. Sadly I was taking a break from the hobby when this Kickstarter went live, and am pretty much just now learning about it! Needless to say I secured a pre-order as soon as I did! 

I am so excited that this wonderful franchise once again has a great game to go along with it. And I am happy to be part of this growing community. Looking forward to seeing what comes of this "living campaign." I haven't seen something like this since the old Living Greyhawk days!

Anyway, I'm rambling now. Looking forward to getting to know you all better in the future!

-Jared "GrimUser"

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