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Westmarches in the LMC?


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other than a short lived Roll 20 game I ran back when the system first released I've never had the chance to play this game, and now i've decided to try and do somthing about that. I have an idea for a westmarches style server So that those who like me cant make it to reguler in person games (or just cant find other people who would want to play a Stargate RPG). Sadly I have only the vaugest idea of how to put this together, so I am asking here (and probably in the wyvern gaming discord somtime soon) for other's willing to be ocassional gm's who would like to help me figure this out. at present I have a basic idea for an over arching plot based on the modern day setting created by Aisynia 

I'd love to get an idea of how many people are interestedin being players, but right now what I need is GM's willing to help me figure this out. So  if you'd like to play in some semi random adventures, and run a few of your own please reply, or messege me (this site has DMs right?)

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