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Pain die, medical overhaul (coming soon)

Brigadier Gen. Davis

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Hey there, welcome to my simple medical rework and pain overhaul.

First and foremost, this overhaul will have many variations for those that either want the simple stuff, or something more in depth.

First, the pain die.

The pain die is more meant to be flexible between all variants of 5e, so the rules for it are very simple. The pain die is meant to simulate the effects of combat, more specifically, the effects of damage. The die ranges from a D2 (coinflip) to the maximum hit die a character has, increasing incrementally every time a character is hit. The result of the rolled die is treated as non lethal temporary damage, that is healed when a medic tends to your wounds, or you take a long rest. Crit hits double the increment of the die. When your hitpoints reach 0, any temporary pain damage is rounded down by a fourth, and applies itself as lethal damage, however being stabilized removes any pain damaged that was lethally dealt this way.

That's probably sounding like a lot to keep track of, but it's rather simple on tracking the damage, as you only ever suffer pain damage on a hit. For example, you suffer your first points of damage, and roll a d4 (the starting die for all characters) and the result is a 3. You track your current hp and simply subtract 3 using the die to track hit points lost temporarily, then when you are healed, or get hit again, you take away the d4, and in the case of a heal, your back to feeling no pain. In the case of getting hit again, you move up one die, to a D6, and reroll your pain damage. The result replaces the amount of pain damage taken from the first hit. It's done this way so that you don't immediately pass out from two hits at low levels, and at high levels, it's less die to track.

@@ (more coming soon, break here)


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