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Phoenix Site 1.0.0 Gridless


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Hi there,

I recently purchased the "Phoenix Site 1.0.0" PDF, and I was wondering if there is a gridless and/or full-size image version to use with a VTT.

I understand I can use the levels included in the PDF, but they are not on the same scale, so it's impossible to align the VTT grid correctly in a single scene nor to make a multi-level map since the floors are not aligned (different scales). I can also extract all the pages, crop out the borders and padding, and make myself a full-scale version of each floor, which is a lot of work. The objective of purchasing the product was to have a ready-to-use map, not spend hours in Photoshop remaking it.

On a side note, having the opportunity to load the 3D version of the Phoenix Site in FoundryVTT would also be awesome 😉 


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