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Isaac Wheeler

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From the Journal of Isaac Wheeler – Date: The Void + 8 years


Well, it’s been eight years since those starfarers found me on that forsaken planet. I still don’t know how I got there or anything about my life before then. Dammit! I don’t even know how old I am. I have come to call everything before I woke up that day as “The Void.”

There was no one there, no calendars, no way to tell time. I didn’t even know how long a day was. However, the planet wasn’t devoid of life, and I was able to make a go of it. I seemed to have a knack for survival. When Scidemic found me, I was healthy but tired. They took me on board as a scientific curiosity as I was the only human on that planet. I say human, but I guess I should express here Scidemic tested me early on and found my DNA matched the rest of galactic humanity with a 99.7% match. Close enough to be considered human, but we were never been able to figure out why it wasn’t closer. Most humans match within 99.9%.

As time passed, I proved my worth to Sciedmic. I had an uncanny knack for science and seemed to absorb historical texts. Despite my background, I have never viewed it as a setback. It’s a problem to be solved. I will solve it. My confidence put me into positions of power, and my my inherent skill in negotiation grew my position within the organization. Scidemic was an entirely space-based organization dedicated to finding new life that they could send back to their home planet for profiteers, and other than occasional forays onto planets, space is all I knew. I was on a planet conducting solo viability studies when the research brigade I was with was attacked. I received a cryptic message, but haven’t heard from them since. Once again, I was alone.

That’s how SG-8 found me, and I proved more than useful on their excursion. They brought me back out of kindness, but I was kept in private quarters for…months...with minimal access.  Eventually, I proved myself capable, and SG-Phoenix has allowed me to finally do something again and explore the galaxy again. I won’t let anyone down, but I need to know about my past.

-Basics: Human/Starship/Politician/Scientist/Survivor with Cultural Experience
-bio photo by: IKO-Studio, https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/close-portrait-business-man-wearing-nerd-142335958

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